Sunday, March 30, 2008

This week sucked, and other sucky things....

Well, thank goodness this week is OVER. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait for tomorrow!!! For some reason everything and everybody this week has just been weird. People have either been rude, cranky or just plain dumb, and that's me included!!! So, hopefully tomorrow will be GREAT.... although I only have 4 weeks of school left!!
I can't wait for summer! We have so much stuff planned for this summer.... including putting hardwood in our living room and tile in the kitchen in may, a surprise going away party in may, having a fake wedding in june, going to Las Vegas in june, and going camping over the fourth of july for drew's birthday, and then Alex's first birthday will be the conclusion of the summer, on August 10th. YAY!
Now, if I can just make it through the next four weeks without losing my mind, or killing my husband!!! HAHA. Just kidding. Kind of! :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My first entry into an art show.

So, US Bank in Downtown clarksville sponsers an art show every year to raise money for their scholarship they do. It's ten bucks to enter into and you can only do one entry. Well, I am entering something. And I'm scared Shitless. I don't know why, however, because they hang and display everything given to them... haha. I guess I'm just scared that all these people are going to see my drawing. The biggest problem is I only have three half-way decent drawings to decide from, and they are all from Drawing class at Austin Peay (two from Drawing one and one from drawing two). The choice I have to make is between these three:



As of right now I have one vote for the fruit and one for the light/books....
I'm nervous, and there is a 100% guarantee that I will be getting into the show!!!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

The weekend come to a close...

I'm sitting right now at my computer upstairs while alex is playing behind me with his toys after a busy weekend, once again. 
Yesterday we all got up early and got ready to go to Nashville. After stopping at IHOP for breakfast we went to the Opry Mills Outlet Mall in Nashville to take a look around. Drew bought me a watch at the Fossil outlet there and I got some new flipflops at Old Navy for the summer. We then went to Sams Club... what a trek. We go to the Sam's Club on the southside of Nashville when we need formula for alex rather then going to the one here in Clarksville. The Sams in Nashville sells his brand of formula (Similac Soy) for 28 dollars for 36 ounces. Walmart and Target sell it for 26 dollars for 25 ounces. So, in the long run, it's worth it. Especially since he goes through a half a can at home and half a can at daycare a week. Only five more months of formula though, thank goodness. It's very expensive!! So we stocked up yesterday - I almost died when I saw the bill, but then realized that we bought 12 cans of formula, as well as diapers and stuff we all use a lot of. But, our Sams is up next month and I don't think drew is going to renew it, so we had to stockpile. 
After Sams we went to downtown Nashville to the Frist Museum to see the exhibit 'Monet to Dali'. Drew just wanted to see the Dali and Surrealist work, but I'm more interested in the Impressionism stuff, so it was good for us to get some culture. They had a couple of Picasso's, which drew thought was cool, and they had some Monet's and a Mondrian which was really cool. I discovered Mondrian in 9th grade, and it was awesome to finally see one in person. Drew doesn't really get it, but going to a Museum to see people I admire is awesome to me. It's like going to a concert or something. You hear the music, and buy the cd's - but there is nothing like an upclose and personal experience with it - you know? 
Anywho - we met up with a guy drew works with and his girlfriend and mom so then we met them a little later for dinner at the old spaghetti factory. I had never been there and was kind of dreading it (I thought it was like buca de beppo and I hate that place) - but, besides the service, the food was pretty good. Alex got his first taste of ice cream and he was loving that crap. It was busy because the predators had played, but we had a nice dinner. 
Phew. That just made me tired writing about it. 
Today we just hung around and cleaned. I went to the movies this afternoon with Melissa to see The Other Boleyn Girl. It was really good, and now I really want to learn about the Royals, cause I had NO idea what was going on.... but it was really interesting. Anything that makes my mind work lately I have been a fan of. 
Oh, I also found this website this week - and I thought it was amazing. You should look at it if you haven't. 

well, Alex is getting hungry - so yet again - the child beckons!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekend goodness

Well, the weekend was busy and fun. Friday night I spent most of the night doing my homework and trying to get some stuff done. Saturday I helped my friend Natalie clean her house and decorate for her daughter's birthday party which was that night. Can I please just say that my kids will NOT be allowed to have sleepovers. Holy crapoly. That was crazy!!! Six nine year old girls spending the night together is nuts. But, thank goodness we all made it through the night in one piece! Sunday I worked all day and then came home and did MORE homework!!! But, I got everything finished (almost). I have a little more to go on my hand drawing and then it's done. 
Alex is doing good, we both are suffering from allergies this week - I'm allergic to Tennessee and I think he is too. I came home early today from school so I could take some medicine and try to dry up a little - but it didn't work. Alex is almost crawling. He can army-crawl a little and he does, constantly!! I will turn my head for two seconds and he will be across the room!!! 
Well, I guess that's it for now, I've got to feed Alex and put him down for a nap and then try to do some laundry.... fun!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

One down, five thousand to go...

Well, I have spent all evening in my 'studio' modifying my plaster casts into something with texture. I guess I should start at the beginning.... In my 3 Dimensional Design class we made balloon plaster casts the second week of school. We put them aside and did a different project (carving alabaster). Then he informs us on thursday afternoon that we have to modify our balloon plaster casts into something that has texture on them. He showed us examples of what worked and what didn't so we had the basic idea. That's the key word - he likes them basic. This is one teacher where I will do what I know he will like, instead of doing what I think is awesome (basically, because I need the A for my G.P.A). So I went to walmart today to see what I could find. I ended up glueing glass pebbles to one and pipecleaners to another. Oh well, we will see what happens!!  At least I knocked down one thing on my list, right?? 

Now tomorrow I have to start my 'egg' drawing, help Natalie set up for her daughters birthday party and then attend that. Sunday I work.... eek. 

On the subject of work - I went back to work today part time because we really need the money. I went to my morning class and then worked from 12.30 until I finished. All the clients were very happy with their dogs, which is awesome because I haven't worked since January!! And since Melissa just opened the shop all the dogs have to look super-duper good. I'm lazy, so this new client motivation helps me. I did two yorkies, a cocker and a shih tzu. Dog grooming is just like riding a bike - it all comes back to you within about point zero seconds. But, it's nice to get back into it, although I know tomorrow my back will be aching and my wrist hurting. Boo-hoo!!

Well, Drew just came up and informed me that he was going to bed and I guess I will too. 

But, one last note before I go - 

I wrote in my sketchbook this morning that I needed to stop 'slipping by' in life, and I need to start doing things. So - I guess that will be my 'St Patricks Day Resolution' - START DOING THINGS... 
Here goes............

Thursday, March 13, 2008


OK - I just realized that it's after spring break. Which means that this is the time when the teachers say "we have so much to catch up on because I've been running behind" which translates into "you better not have a life, a job, a family, anything to do besides be here, in the studio, or at home working on all the extra crap we are going to give you so that you can catch up on what you've missed because I've been sick/at a conference/out of town/on vacation." 
So - by thursday I have to
1. throw 20 cylinders on the wheel (I have two so/so ones done)
2.  draw my hand holding an egg using value and line
3.  do about 5 half page essays on different sculptures I like
4.  modify two of my plaster balloons into something that represents texture. That's just for school. 
That doesn't count the fact that I have a lecture to go to tomorrow during ceramics class so I have only two class periods to do the cylinders, I work tomorrow afternoon and sunday all day, I have a birthday party on saturday afternoon/night that involves 9 year olds and me helping Natalie with the decorations and food, taking care of my child, cleaning my house, making sure the dog is fed, doing laundry, trying to get drew to pack up his army gear that is strewn about our spare bedroom, sand down the old sewing table I got from goodwill so I can paint it and put it in the spare bedroom....... the list goes on. 


So - It was nice knowing all of you this semester... see you in May when I can relax (hopefully!!)

Haha - just kidding. But, I really should probably get off of here and do something on my list of stuff to do (or at least bug drew until he does something on my list of stuff to do!)

Good night everyone! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photos Session Deux!

OK, here are some photos from the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial that we stopped at on our way out to Gallup. It was awesome. We were there right as the sun was setting and I got some pretty decent photos with my little digital camera. I've been thinking alot about taking Photography in the fall, if not to learn new skills then just to learn how to take decent pictures of my art for my portfolio. But, I hear it's really expensive, and I'm already taking Painting in the fall, and that alone is over $500 in supplies. So, photo 1 might have to wait until spring. Anyways, here are the shots:

(this one is my favorite)

OK, now we have some SPRING IS HERE pictures!!! I'm so proud of my little daffodils - they made it through forever! I actually think that the people that lived here before I did planted these around the base of our tree in the front yard and in our front garden, but I will claim these are mine!

OK, and finally, the last of the pictures for tonight. These are some drawings I've done this semester in my drawing 2 class. We are working on the figure, and it's really not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm still struggling on a little bit, like I want to draw what I KNOW is there, instead of what I SEE is there, but I'm starting to SLOW DOWN and get the feel of things. (I still like Ceramics better... although today I could've thrown three hundred pounds of clay at the wall...more on that later).... so - here they are!!:

So - there you have it.
Have a great day tomorrow everyone!!

Photos Session One.

OK, so I am going to try and post some pictures on here.... this will be my first attempt. Hopefully I can do this and won't have to ask drew for any help.... but, I doubt it!! It is kind of handy having such a computer-orientated husband, but if my son builds his own computer before he is 10, I'm going to be in a lot of trouble!!! 

That would be alex a couple of weeks ago!

Yay! Drew taught me the html thingy, and I did it. Yes, I had to ask his help - but now I can claim that I did all the future ones by myself, right??
Ok, I have to go finish dinner now, but I will repost after dinner with the pictures from our trip (hopefully!).

Sunday, March 9, 2008

OK - My first, real-life post.

Well, Drew, Alex and I got back yesterday from our 'Road trip to the West'. We left Thursday, Feb 28th to drive to New Mexico to visit my family - who have never met my husband. So - we stay in Memphis Thursday PM, get up friday AM, stay in Oklahoma city (after going to see the memorial - that's crazy - all those tiny, little chairs lined up representing the children that died - SO SAD), Ok - stay in OK City Friday PM then arrive in Albuquerque Saturday around 3. We went to visit with my Aunt and her boyfriend and my father Saturday evening and had a lot of fun. Had breakfast with dad Sunday and Drew tried Red-Chilli for the first time - needless to say he did very well (the toilet, however - not so fond). Lunch consisted of going to Old Town and eating with my cousin, Jason, and his wife. This was also fun. Jason and Drew talked computers, while Maresa seemed mortified that Alex was screaming (for fun). I highly doubt kids are in Jason and Maresa's future. Dinner Sunday consisted of BBQ steak and crablegs made by my aunts boyfriend, Tim. And it was awesome. Monday was more site-seeing in Albuquerque and more food.... Tuesday we made the drive to Gallup (on west side of New Mexico) to visit my Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle. (More eating involved here). On Thursday we started the trek home.  Thursday PM we stayed in Amarillo, TX and Friday we were GOING to try to make it all the way home - but - the great SNOW-GODS in Arkansas decided against that plan. So, we got stuck in the snow in Arkansas and ended up spending the night just outside of Little Rock. We got up early yesterday and finished our journey home. YAY, we are home. 
Well - all it sounds like we did was eat and drive. We did eat a lot, and we drove a lot. But we had fun. Drew really enjoyed my family and I hope vice-versa.  
So - now we return to the regular routine of school, work and life... but our mini-vacation was very fun!!

Well, hello there!

Hello any and/or all people that may read this. I've decided to start this blog as opposed to blogging on 'myspace' because I think it's time for me to grow up and be an adult... kind of anyways!! 
I guess an introduction should be in order - 
My name is Amber Noe (well, that's my maiden name) and I'm 26. I live in Tennessee with my husband who is in the army (Drew), and my son who is 7 months old tomorrow (Alex). We have a soon-to-be 5 year old dog (Molly) and a nice little life. As I said before, my husband is in the Army, and I go to school full time and I work (occasionally- like when we need the money - which is ALL the time!!). I'm a dog groomer, and have been for what seems like forever, but I'm trying very hard to finish my Bachelor degree in Studio Art. It's difficult, just like most things! 
I guess everything else you will need to know about me will be disclosed in future postings... 

I guess that's all for now. !!

Thanks for listening.