Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update (again) - part ONE!!

Well, we just got home from travelling for the past two weeks. Drew, Alex and I left tuesday, June 10th for Indianapolis and our faux wedding. We stayed with Heather Tuesday and Wednesday night. Tuesday night we went to a bar on the Southside - Bubba's and met up with some of Drews friends from high school, drank some beers and ate some wings. Wednesday I was hungover (thanks to cheap tequila in my margaritas). Wednesday night we were going to go out downtown Indy and up to Ruths Chris to see matt, but I was exhausted as was drew and heather, so we stayed in. It turns out Peyton Manning went into Ruths and we missed him! Matt was very dissapointed in us!
Thursday drew and i moved into the Sheraton on the northside and went about our business getting things together for the party. Thursday night Drew, Heather, Matt and I went to Scotty's Brewhouse for some beers, martinis and dinner. It was delicious and a great time!!! (I came out much soberer then the first time I went there - when I spent $80 on shots for people!!). Heather and I had a 'flight' of martini's. They were three 4 ounce martini's in themes. Heather had the 'Keep the doctor away' and I had the unwind. Mine had a margatini (not a fan) and a lemon drop (very yummy!). Friday we tried to just relax all day - haha. I dropped drew off at his mom's to do laundry and Jessica (the babysitter) and I ran errands around the northside of indianapolis. We pick drew up around 2 and then he went to get my brother, chris, from the airport in a torrential down-pour!!! It took them about an hour and a half to drive back to the hotel - it usually takes about half and hour!!! So, during this time Jessica and I got ready and got alex ready for our drinks and appetizers at Ruths Chris's. We were supposed to be there by five. My crazy mother-in-law was there at around 4 wondering where we were!!! Drew and Chris got back to the hotel around 5 and we got ready and were at the resturant by 5:15. We had a Great time!!!! Much drinking and eating was done by everyone!!! We all had a great time and spent a lot of my father-in-laws money. But, just his side (including drews mom's side) of the family alone drank about $2000 worth of alcohol in the course of 3 hours, so they couldn't complain either!!!
It was awesome hanging out with my brother - as heather calls him - her second husband.... :) After dinner we went back to the hotel and Chris, Heather, Jessica, and James got into the hot tub for awhile - that was also fun and relaxing.

Ok - that was Tuesday until Friday -

Saturday and Sunday will be part two and then vegas will be part three!!!
Meanwhile - I've got to get drew, alex and I packed for Jazz on the Lawn at the winery here - Beachhaven - we haven't been before, but I'm excited. We're going to take some chicken and food from KFC, drink a couple of bottles of wine, and listen to some good music!!!

so -

to be continued!!!!