Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome back to the land of the dead... soon to be living!

Well, my whole house is on quarintine. Nevermind the spelling. Drew is sick. And he never gets sick. Alex is sick. But he always gets sick. I have a hurrendous cough and allergies. (Again, nothing new). Molly keeps eating the food that alex throws on the floor and has disgusting, nasty, vomit-worthy diarhea. Thank god that after roscoe left she stopped pooping in the house. Hopefully. Tomorrow is the last day of class and I'm not going. I didn't go yesterday or today either. I'm trying to take care of my sick men.

I have a favor to ask - yes, again. But this time it is a selfless one. A little boy, Hunter, that went to daycare with Alex was accidently run over by his step-father last friday. Hunter passed away as a result, and I just wanted you all to pray for Hunters mommy. I have no idea what I would do if this happened to me. The closest has been when my aunts ex-husband ran over her dog. And that was a dog, and not even my dog. So, please keep Hunters Mom in your prayers and goodwishes.

I have to go sleep, I've been up since 4 am with sickies. Bleh. Sorry for the short blog, will write more soon!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Lions and tigers and finals oh my!!!

Well, it's been awhile since I have updated! I've been so busy at school. To catch you up - I ended up entering the fruit and fabric drawing into the art show. I didn't win any prizes, but it is/was fun to see my drawing up with my fellow artists in an art show. And now that I have the anxiety of entering a show over and done with, hopefully I will be able to enter, and maybe win, some more shows!! Lets see - I've been busy getting my work done for finals. I'm going out of town this coming weekend to seattle, and finals start a week after I get back, so I have tomorrow, and then the weekend before finals to get my work done (I work this sunday so there isn't a hope for me getting anything done). I've also been getting stuff together for mine and drews 'fake wedding' this summer. To make a long story short - drew and I eloped November of 2006 so that we could start collecting on the Army benefits (living expenses and health insurance for me). Well, we were going to have a big wedding June of 2007. That changed when, two weeks after we eloped, I found out I was pregnant. But, drews mom still wanted to throw a party and all that jazz, and so, after waiting for a year and a half - we are having a reception/party/prom on June 14th of this year. This sounds like fun, and since drews mom was going to plan everything I thought - ok - what the hey. Except I didn't count in that I would have to address envelopes, organise babysitters for alex, find tuxes for drew and alex, get shoes, get my wedding dress altered..... etc. So it's basically added a whole bunch of extra work for me that i don't need right now. Oh well. It will be loads of fun, and then afterwords we are going to Las Vegas for four days!! YIPPEEEE!!
Alex had pink eye this past week - it flared up last friday and we took him to the ER on saturday. I stayed home with him Monday and it's better now, except now I have it!! ICKY!! Mine flaired up yesterday and I went to the ER (the clinic had already closed), and they gave me the same medicine alex had. I think I caught my flare up in time and I hope it will go away before I have to go back to school on monday. I stayed home from school today, but I still had to work. It was fine while I was at work, and not even the dog hair bothered it, like I thought it would.
On another note - i've reconnected with a whole bunch of old friends from Australia and New Zealand through facebook, and it's been so much fun learning about everyone and hearing about their lives now. The weirdest thing is now I am having horrible dreams about my past. I hope it will pass. Through this reconnection I have realized how lucky I have been, and how many people have influenced my life in both good and bad ways. I think that my actions have been the bad ways, however. And I've realized how I have taken advantage of people and the opprotunities I have had. That sucks. Maybe that's why I've been having bad dreams.
What else has happened?
Oh - we went on a picnic last sunday and played frisbee and soccer. That was lots of fun.

Alex can crawl! HEAVEN HELP US ALL!!!!! Haha. He still kind of army-crawls, but he's getting there. My life is officially over!! No more leaving alex alone in a room. I think it's time I pulled out his playpen again and he can crawl around in circles in that!!
I went to the neurologist this week for my wrist/arm. She ran some tests and declared I have nerve damage in my wrist (on the OPPOSITE side of the injury/surgery scar- weird!). But then she has referred me to a hand therapist to see if there is anything they can do. All the tests she ran, however, have made my wrist WORSE this past couple of days - but hopefully it will get better. It also doesn't help that I have started throwing bigger and bigger lumps of clay (3-7 pounds) and before I was throwing about 1 pound balls. But, it's so much easier with more!! I just kind of grin and bear it to get through the day - but I can't live with this pain for much longer. They have got to do something!!!!
Well. Drew is getting up early to go to the casinos in Paducah tomorrow for the day (it's about and hour and half away) and I have alex all day - so I need to get some sleep. I will leave you with some pictures.
The drawing is my final for my Drawing 2 class - a self portrait of me and alex. It is unfinished right now, but I have put about 5 hours worth of work on it so far. The others are from our picnic last weekend.

Good night all!!