Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here's why I suck....

So - I guess I need to do a three month update:
Spring break, and with it brought positive pregnancy tests and morning sickness beyond belief. I spent all week curled up in bed, trying to keep my insides in, and my outsides out. Back to school and work and being more tired then I think I have ever been in my whole life. (We'll see if this changes once the new baby is here). Back into theatre again - Assistant Stage Managed the Dance Concert. This involved failing asleep after eating too many jellybeans back stage. And trying to throw up quietly during performances.
Was suckered into Stage Managing the Student Directed One Acts. 12 shows, 12 directors, 23+/- actors. I'm screwed. THEN was suckered into running the light board as well. This was not as bad as I thought. Except for when I 'intentionally' sabotaged one of the shows. Just Kidding. Although, that's not what the director thought. Ended up missing a weekend in Indy, Dave Matthews and losing my best friend in the process. Sucks to be a theatre major. What did I get from all my hard work? An art scholarship and a theatre scholarship, and maybe I'll be able to graduate next may. Finals came and went. Two A's, a B and a C. Not too bad for not learning anything.
MAY: Getting ready for Drew to go to Iraq. Mother's day vacation in Gatlinburg turned into our other house getting robbed, but thankfully no one was hurt. Fast forward to the 19th and I'm 16 weeks pregnant, my son says monkey and my husband goes to war in 2 weeks.

Sorry for the lack of updates.