Sunday, September 14, 2008

A glimpse into my day.... for all of you that don't know..!

So, tomorow is monday, the weekends have been going by way too fast lately. But I think that's because I've started to dread mondays. This past week has been one hell of a week however, so I am kind of excited to start a NEW one. Drew was injured.... something involving boiling water spilling on him and he spent Monday and Tuesday at the doctors. Then I got the flu wednesday and spent all wednesday afternoon in bed. Friday that turned into a sinus infection and then saturday the fluid drained into my ear, and now I have a massive ear infection. Not too mention friday was spent at the ER with alex because he was sent home from Darcare and, of course, I couldn't get a doctors appointment.
Ok, so anyways -
Tomorrow I have a critique in ceramics at 8, a quiz in spanish at 10.10 and then I get a little breather from 11 till 1.20. Then I have Art History till 2.30. THEN I go straight to work till 9. EGH. It makes me tired just thinking about it.
BUT. On another note -
Alex is JUUUUST about walking. He can take one or two steps then falls or leans on something. He has gotten lazy, however. We will call him and he will try to reach for our hand, if that's too far away then he plops right onto the floor and crawls.
What a brat!!
He's started getting a little attitude too! He will have a HISSY fit if he doesn't get what he wants, which he can't ever have because it's always things like a glass, or drews laptop, or the remote control...
The winds from the hurricane hit us this morning.... we didn't have phone, internet or cable all day. A whole bunch of people still don't have power, I guess. My friend melissa went outside to find a telephone pole half-way leaning over her front yard. Hopefully everyone is keeping safe.

Well, I am beginning to watch the tv more then write on here, so I will sign off for now.

ps - you should all watch the new series Fringe. It's amazing!