Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Oh my. Sorry about the long break in between updates. I had to finish finals. That was a job in of itself. Then I went back to work semi-full time. That tired me out (it's been forever since I groomed dogs more then one day a week!!). Then we bought a house to flip. That is crazy.
Ok -
one by one -
Alex update: Alex can now pull up to his feet!!!! It's very exciting. Now we have to take all the batteries out of the remote control so that he doesn't change the channel when he gets up on the coffee table. There really is no stopping him now. He officially is in that stage of stranger anxiety, and wanting his momma. The other day when I left his daycare he cried for the first time. That's weird to me!! It breaks my heart, but at the same time I'm like great! Now I won't get anything done!!! He is definately his fathers child however, he constantly runs for the computer, speaker cords, tv, anything electronic - it's all over!!

Drew update: Drew didn't have to go to the school this week he thought he was going to have to do, but instead he's been busy at work with change of command ceremonies. A whole bunch of people are retiring, or getting promoted or moving, so he has to get plaques and inventories and other Army stuff done before everyone leaves. But, he is officially in charge of his shop now, the other Sargeant retires this month. He has also been working on the house, last weekend was all the demolition and this weekend it looks like there will be more of the same!

Amber update: I passed school with flying colors. I made it on the Deans list, and if it hadn't been for a B in my Drawing class (thanks to a dumb teacher), i would've had a 4.0. But, oh well. My mothers day was..... disappointing (mainly because of my husband). I've been busy working and running around pricing things for this new house. I'm also trying to get ready for our faux wedding in June and vacation to Vegas, which is coming up FAST and I am crazy busy.
Well, I guess that's about it. Just living life, one day at a time!!!