Saturday, November 20, 2010

Oh Dear.

Well. Jeez. It has got to be years since I have posted.
Lets do a quick recap :
November 2009 - gave birth to 'Baby' otherwise known as Mya. Alex calls her baby. Which gives me an OFFICIAL excuse to say 'noone puts baby in the corner' - which I SECRETLY Love!!! :)
May 2010 - I graduated from Austin Peay State University with two degrees - A BA in Studio Art and a BA in Theatre. Which basically means I am qualified to do NOTHING. :)
Also in May - I left my husband of three and a half years due to reasons too complicated to explain on a public blog. So, pending the actual FILING of divorce, I am now a single mom of two very small children. EEEEEEK.
The kids and I moved into our own place in June and we have been making due since then.
and finally -
In two weeks the kids and I will move up to Indianapolis, where I have gotten my old job back and I will be still grooming dogs, but I will be much happier with more money to provide for my children.
Thats about it. In a nutshell. I will TRY my hardest to update more so that I can provide entertainment for all those out there! :)